About Us

Upon completing High School at FWJohnson Colligiate in 1986, I persued a career with the Royal Bank for 8 years, and in the evenings attended night classes at the University of Regina to further my interests in a Business Administration degree – major in Communications. The recession of 1994 resulted significant changes in the financial services industry – Banks downsized staff in branches and data processing centers – to make room for Electronic Banking Technologies, Insurance and Banking Industries merged services and implimented agressive sales strategies to gain market share, competition for financial industry jobs caused a lot of people to do a GUT check – and decide if you where going to stay in it, I decided to get out.

Living in South-East Saskatchewan – Weyburn, I had many friends advise me to look for employment in the Oil/Gas Industry; In 1995 I decided to persued training and obtain my Class 1A commercial drivers licence, shortly there after I secured employment with Brady Trucking in Midale,Sk. This career path allowed me to be involved in a wide variety oil/gas operations involving drilling rigs, service rigs, pipeline operations, fluid hauling and oilfield construction. In 1997 I moved on to a 8 year career with Newalta – (upstream/downstream waste fluid processing), I gain knowledge in plant operations, fluid processing technologies, marketing waste re-duction / re-cycling / re-purposing initiatives. During this time of my career, I gain a huge respect for the danger and hazards ever present in the industry and became involved in the SouthEast Environmental and Safety Seminar commitee. After a few years I was elected commitee chairman and discovered my natural ability for public speaking, I had a venue to practice this skill, which has paid off for me in my latest career choices.

From 2005 to 2009 I worked for PWR a company that provided environmental, relamation and construction services for the coal mining and oil/gas industries in South-East Saskatchewan. I gained knowledge in communicating with Managment, Production Foremen, Engineering groups, as well as operated equipment, hands on – involved in facility construction and performed inspections/safety supervision. In 2010 I was hired by Carson Energy Services as a Safety Instructor/Safety Advisor. CES was a major energy services provider in western canada involved in Welding/Fabrication, Pipelining and Facility Construction/ Maintenance. I obtained instructor certifications with StJohn Ambulance, ENFORM, GLOBAL, HCSAS, and other organizations. When I was not instructing a class, I would be in the field or shop supporting Job Boss / Foreman / Workers with the companies Safety Management System, Tailgate Meetings and Hazard Identification.

In 2017 AECOM (company that bought out – CES) corporately decided to move there operation center from Lampman Sk to Estevan Sk and in the process close down the safety training services. Faced with this decision, I approached management to buy out all the safety training equipment/gear and start up JLP Safety Services on my own based out of Weyburn, Sk.