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Jeff Podjan (About Me)

I have worked in the Oil/Gas and Construction industries since 1995. My field of experience/background includes careers …

  • Tanker Truck Operator.
  • Operator of various Powered Mobile Equipment.
  • Process Facility Operations.
  • Mangement and Business Development.
  • Environmental/Reclamation (Oil/Gas, Coal Mining).
  • Oil/Gas Construction/Pipeline/Welding and Fabrication.
  • Safety Advisor/Instructor.

From 2010-2016 I worked for Carson Energy Services – Safety Instructor/Advisor. The company provided piepline construction, Oil/Gas Facilities
Maintenance, Welding/Fabrication services in Western Canada and employed close to a thousand workers at the activity peak of 2013.

As a Certified Instructor of nationally recognized safety training courses/programs, I facilitated training for the company employees (ei) – ENFORM H2S Alive, GLOBAL Ground Disturbance Supervisor Level II, St John Ambulance First Aid.

Other industry course I delivered include Fall Protection, Confined Space, Rigging and Hoisting, Overhead Travel Crane operator,Knuckleboom Crane operator, Aerial Lift operator, Fork-Lift operator, Skid Steer operator, Excavator operator, Highway Flagperson and several others.

What makes me different than other instructors

If I was not instructing a classroom of workers – as a Safety Advisor I was responsible for Incident Investigations, Safety Audits, and Safety Support services for Pipeline Crews, Facilities Maintenance Crews, Welding/Fabrication Crews. Over the course of 2010-2016, I conducted close to 50 incident investigations, participated in many Safety Audits/Inspections and worked closely with Supervisors, Foreman, Inspectors and Management.

I fined this experience helps at various times when explaining/demonstrating/ training course content.

Jeff Podjan